Title:Next Generation
Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Nazir,Fuli,Kion and Kiara

I walked out of the den and took a breath.I have yellow fur with an orange tuft of hair hanging over my face. My body is built like a Cheetahs.

What a day this will be! I say excitingly,but I hear my dad

Yes it will,ya little rascal. My dad,Kion,says to me.

Good morning,Daddy! I say to him and nuzzle him as my Older Brother Nazir and my mom Fuli come out of the den.

You wanna hang out with Aunt Jioni and Aukt Katika,Little sis? Nazir ask me and I nod and we start running,but our parents stop us.

Aw man... Nazir starts

Nonono,Im letting you see them,I just want you guys to be careful. My mom says 

Ok! I say and we run down pride rock.

I was roughly 3-4 1/2 Months of age while Nazir was 5 months.

Im so excited!Aren't you,Nazir? I ask Nazir and he laughs.

YEAH! He says 

This is the good really is...

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