Title: Lioness Hunt
Creator: Theultimatelifeform
Main Character: Anya
Other Characters: Kiara, Vitani, Jioni, Katika  and Jasiri

I and the Lionesses were on a hunt....well, let me see, we haven't had legitimate trouble in over 6 months and I'm a Young Adult right now.

Stay low to the ground. I thought to myself as I snuck through the grass with Kiara, Vitani, Jioni and Katika.

Everyone, Stop. I heard Kiara say and we all stop as she looks at a herd of antelope.

should we get them all for food? I heard Katika ask and I shook my head.

No, Katika.We only hunt the food the pride needs. I said and Katika sighed.

Yes, I know, It's the circle of life. Katika said.

Say when to go, Kiara. Vitani said and Kiara narrowed her eyes at the antelope.

Go! She said and all of us ran towards the antelope, who quickly scattered.

Anya, Follow the sick one! Kiara said and I did so.I pounced on the sick one and Was about to bite its neck when I heard Laughing.I kept the antelope in my grasp as I looked at Jasiri.

Look at you being a Hunter instead of a Leader. Jasiri said and I smirk.

Jasiri, You know I can be both..the only reason I haven't been doing leadership is because there hasn't been trouble in half a year, so there's no need. I said while biting the Antelope's neck.

Yeah, Yeah, I know...Kion's been on patrol and hasn't found anything interesting, so I guess peace is permanent. Jasiri said and I shook my head.

Peace is never permanent, no matter how long it lasts. I said as the lionesses came over.

Isn't that a full grown female Antelope? Kiara asks and I nod, How did you do that?

Like you said, Aunt was sick. I replied.

We took The antelope and walked back to Pride rock.

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