Title:Girl time
Main Character:Fuli

As I got into my teenage years(Also Kopa's adult years),I managed to Get to know Jioni and Katika a lot.

The 3 of us were sitting on a Big rock.

So you know Prince Kion of the pridelands? Jioni says and I nod,What's he like?

I gulp and think of something to say.I havent seen Kion in almost 10 months,so anything could have happened to him.

Well he was handsome and Kind...He always thought through every part of a situation,but he always followed the rules,which was the only thing I disliked about him. I said while smiling at the thought of the friend I wished to see again.

Jioni and Katika just say 'Wow..'

I nodded and laughed,But he always did silly stuff...but was also the person who taught me everything to know about the pridelands and..I thank him dearly for that. I said.

we went to walk through the forest and continued to talk about the people who guided us(I talked about Mufasa and Bebo as my guides from the other side) and Katika discussed her Crush on Afua.

I walk away from them and start hearing a voice

Asante Sana,Squash Banana...

I walk closer to it..

Wiwi Nuga,Mi Mi apa...

Hey!Who are you? I ask the figure that looks to be a mandrill

I am The Pridelands Shaman,Fuli...I am rafiki! The Mandrill named Rafiki replies and my eyes widen.

Kion told me about you...why are you... I begin before the realization kicked in,It's time to go back...isn't it? I ask him and he laughs hysterrically.

YES!IT IS TIIIME! He yells and Jioni and Katika run over.

Time for what? Jioni asks me and I tell both of them and they gasp,Your'e....going? she asks and almost cry,but I come up with an idea.

How About I take both of you and we can make it a suprise for Kion? I ask them and they raise their eyebrows.

a suprise?what kind? Katika asks and I chuckle.

Well that's where I come in... I begin.

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