Title: Familiar Face
Main Character(s): Fuli and Kion

Other Characters: Bunga,  Ono, Beshte, Kesho, Kiara ||

It was a beautiful evening in the Pridelands.

Kiara, Kion, and I were stretched out in the meadow.

Kion and I were nuzzling fiercely.

Kiara was watching us with amusement and confusion.

"Tell me again how a lion and a cheetah can love each other?" She asked.

"Love will find a way Kiara," I said.

"We Are One Kiara" Kion added.

"Ahh if it isn't my beautiful daughter" a voice snickered from behind me.

My eyes widened with shock and I quickly turned around.

I was greeted by the shockingly familiar sight of my father.

I shrieked with shock and nearly tumbled off the rocks with surprise,

Kiara quickly caught me and held me steady.

"D-D-Dad" I stammered shakily.

My father smirked.

"So my daughter how have you been?" He snickered.

Then his gaze swept over Kiara and Kion.

"Spending time with Simba's brats?, I didn't know you could sink lower" he growled.

Kion saw the expression on my face and growled.

He stepped over to my side and entwined his tail with mine.

"Kesho you've been banned from the Pridelands, get out now" he ordered

Kesho chuckled.

"Mhmm, you're willing to protect my daughter, you must care about her, well her mother did to and do you know what I did to her mother, I killed her, and I'll kill you and your sister too," Kesho said.

He slowly advanced towards us and we back away with fear.

Kion pushed me behind him protectively.

"If you lay a paw on her I'll kill you Kesho" he growled.

I gestured for Kiara to get the rest of the guard and Kiara quickly ran off.

"Leave Fuli alone" Kion growled.

Suddenly Kesho swung at Kion and knocked him against a tree.

"NOO!!!, KION!!" I shrieked.

I turned to Kesho with a sad expression on my face.

"Why are you doing this Father, why are you hurting everyone I love?" I asked with despair.

Kesho didn't answer he simply backhanded me and sent me across the grass.

I was helpless as I watched Kesho stand over me with his teeth bared and claws extended.

Suddenly I was saved by the most wonderful sound in the world.

Kion's roar.

Dad ran off in shock and fear and Kion collapsed on the grass.

Just then the rest of the guard appeared.

"Kion!, Fuli! are you ok?" Bunga asked.

"Kesho attacked us!, Kion's hurt" I gasped.

Tiifu came over to me and gently guided me over to Kion.

Kiara, Ono, Bunga, and Beshte discussed the matter.

I stumbled over to Kion and collapsed next to him.

I repeated an action I had seen Nala do to


I pushed my muzzle into Kion's flank.

"I'm so sorry Kion," I said shakily.

Kion chuckled lightly and rasped his tongue over my ear.

We didn't dare say it but we both knew we would see Kesho again.

For now, I was content to snuggle close to Kion.

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