Kion and I had just returned to Pride Rock, we were stunned to see Kion's family and Bunga glaring at us.

"What's going on?" I asked, I was both nervous and confused.

Simba didn't answer he simply  growled.

"Mom, Dad, what's wrong" Kion asked.

He moved closer to me and pressed his body against mine.

"She. Is. Exactly. Like. Kesho" Simba growled through clenched teeth.

I was both hurt and shocked at his outburst, behind Simba, Sarabi, Nala, and Kiara looked equally shocked, and Bunga looked confused, next to me Kion looked angry.

"Simba.. Don't" Nala cautioned.

Simba lashed his tail at her angrily.

"Don't deny it Fuli, you led Kesho straight to my son" Simba continued.

"You think I did that... I-It's not my fault, I- didn't know Kesho would be there" I stammered.

"It is your fault, I know you've been working with Kesho, you've been planing this for a while, well Fuli I'll tell you something. I am. Done with losing my loved ones, I won't let any other member of the family die" Simba growled.

I was trembling but I managed to stand my ground.

"After my mother died, I lost the last animal in the savannah that cared about me, I thought I'd find more animals that cared about me with your family and your pride, Kion told me about Scar, I see now that you're just like him" I said.

Simba roared angrily.

"HOW DARE YOU COMPARE ME TO SCAR, Do you want to be exiled like your father.

"Simba don't you realize Kion loves me and I love him, if you exile me at least that'll never change, Haven't you ever heard of We Are On,e" I said.

"EXILE" Simba roared.

Kion instantly stepped in front of me.

"Father. Please reconsider, I love her" Kion pleaded.

Simba growled and turned away from Kion.

I ran off Pride Rock and huddled under the formation.

I could hear Nala arguing with Simba and smiled slightly.

"Simba, your son loves her, can't you see that, the whole pride can see the way they look at each other," she said.

I shook my head and ran off.

I could hear Kion calling my name desperately....I Had no choice..

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