Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Jasiri,Pana

I walked over to the area where My dad lets Jasiri and Pana stay and I asked them questions about Janja.

Do you know him? I asked

Yes...he's my brother. Jasiri said and both me and Pana were suprised.

B-Brother? I asked and she nodded.

That would make him my uncle! Pana said.

Yep...I didn't think he would be evil...but he learns from our mother,Shenzi. Jasiri said.

Huh...Well Thats interesting. I said.

Yeaaaah... Jasiri said and then we had a couple moments of silence.

So..How are you today? I asked 

Im good. Jasiri said.

Well...Im gonna go back to pride rock..See you guys later! I told them and they nodded as I left.

Author's Note:NOW A SAYING

Suspicion and jealousy are the death knell of any relationship.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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