Title: Death of a Mother
Creator: Theultimatelifeform
Main Character: Anya
Other Characters: Kion, Nala,Simba,Rafiki ,Trotzen, Mkali, Nguvu,Aina Kiara

Author's Note: I was Going to Kill off Kiara, but I would get astronomical hate and If I killed off Fuli, I'd hate myself for doing so.

My grandmother Nala had caught sick a week ago and we didn't know if she could make it, so I decided to visit Rafiki to find out.

Unfortunately Not, Anya... Rafiki said my eyes widened.

No... I said in my head.

So later, Rafiki and I arrived at pride rock's den.Instantly, I saw my grandmother laying at the back of the den, so I ran to her.

So what did Rafiki say? she said while coughing and my head went down.she then instantly knew what that meant, but instead of crying, she smiled.

W-Why are you smiling? I asked

The thought of being a part of the great kings and queens and reuniting with my don't know how happy I am to see you grow up like this. She replied, then frowned Stay Strong...don't let my death ruin your are doing a wonderful Job...goodbye. She said before passing away.

my dad, Kiara, and My grandfather were around dad almost broke down, but stayed strong, while Kiara and my grandfather broke into tears.

I walked to the lair of the lion guard, where everyone in the guard was gathered.

What happened?? Aina asked me but my head went down, Lo jameni Anya, I'm so sorry for your loss. ish a Terrible loss, but one zat ve vill have to live zhrough. Trotzen said and I nodded.

But how will this affect the King, Kion and Kiara? Mkali said.

my grandfather and Kiara broke down in tears, but my dad stayed strong. I said.

Well, you are still with us, so that's good. Aina said.

My friends comforted me, but I don't know about everyone else in the pride...I guess ill just have to find out

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