Main Character:Anya
Other Characters:Trotzen,Mkali,Nguvu,Aina,Janja,Mambo

Me and my guard were running(or in Mkali's case,Flying) to the western border.

We are almost there!This will all be over after this! I yelled and sped up,so did the other members of the guard.

We eventually reached the Western Border and saw Janja and some of his Hyenas, Including Mambo.

Well, so much for a Suprise attack. I said as I dodged a Hyena, then had Nguvu impale it.

I then turned and Was Pinned down by Mambo,but I kicked him off,then pounced at him,sending us both falling off the cliff.

ANYA! I heard my friends say as I fell onto Mambo,who died because of hitting his head on a big rock.

I'm ok! I said as my friends hurried down to confront the remaining Hyenas.

I saw janja fleeing and went after him,eventually leading us to the Hyena's Volcano.

Uh oh...I said before being Knocked off by Janja,barely latching on the ledge.

Well,Well...who's the weak one now,Anya?Your great grandfather and your grandfather after him were both in this position...Barely clinging on a ledge atop a Certain death. Janja said to me and I rolled my eyes.

Is this the part where you STOP trying to be Like Scar? I said as I jumped and pinned him down,I guess so.

End it, it! He said,but I broke one of his legs before leaving the outlands with my guard.

Why didn't you kill him? Aina asked.

He isn't worth it...and if I killed in cold blood,I would be like scar. I explained.

For now,peace is restored

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