Title: Confrontation with Janja
Creator: Theultimatelifeform
Main Character: Anya
Other Characters:Janja,Mambo and Mapepo

Author's Note:Mambo is a swahili speaking Hyena

I was laying down on a rock in the middle of the pridelands,watching my reflection morph into several different ones.

The Wazimu mysterious on how it works. I said to myself, but then I heard rustling as I saw my dad in a hallucination.

D-Dad?? I ask, but I heard a cackle.

Oh No, si yako Baba... fisi tu ambaye anataka kukuua I heard a voice say that surely wasn't my dad's.

Hush, Mambo!ill deal with this. I heard another voice say as an adult Hyena walked out of the bush.

Ndio, Janja! I heard the crazy voice say.

Janja? I say to myself.

Hello, Daughter of Kion...I am Janja, leader of the Hyena Clan. He says and I instantly growl.

I've been told about how you almost killed a herd of Gazelles and you assisted in Bunga's death... I said and his eyes blinked. Kion told you, didn't he?Interesting. Janja said, Would you like to join us?

Totally not! I Spat, I know what you've done and I'm not joining you!I have my own group!

Hmph...Very well...come on, boys...let's go... Janja said before walking back to Mambo and another Hyena.

Yes,Sir...HAHAHA the other hyena said before the 3 went away,leaving me confused.

What was that?

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