This is a Non-Canon song, Parodied Off a Non-Canon song (Amish Paradise) that had Nothing to do with the Lion King in anyways,few parts omitted. Parody by TheNewGuy01.


As she Stalks througe the Valley, Where she's A hunten' Her game,

She takes a Look at her Prize

And relizes Its easy game,

And thats just perfect for a hunter like she

You Know,

She the Kinda game that can kick like Me

At 4:30 in the Moring, She's crouching down,

Bending low to the ground

Not maken' a sound


And She's been kneeling a crouchen' so long that

Even Kiara thinks that her Back is Gone.

She's the Queen of her Clain

She is in to Disapline

Got some grass on her Back,

And some dirt on Her chin.

And when she is Sure her game is at the End of the Line,

Then tonight she's gonna party till is 15:59

We've been spenden' Most Our Lives

Liven in the Hunta's Paradise

It's hard work and Sacrfice,

Liven in the Hunta's Paradise

You gain Food for Simba's Pride,

Liven in the Hunta's Paradise

You'll slip a disc a couple times,

Liven' In the Hunta's Paradise.

A Local Boy kicked her in the Shins last Week,

And when she smiled at him

He Slapped Her in the Cheek.

And she didn't care,

In fatc she wished him best

Because she slapped him, When he was starven' to Death!

But she ain't ever Hit a Youngster, Even if he Desevred it.

A Lionessa with a Tude, You know,

Thats unheard of.

She never used a Pistol, Or threw a Bomb or Grenade

But Her son in law agrees,

She hunts like her mother

And if You come to visit, You'll be bored to Tears,

She hasn't even used a stove in

3,000 years!

But we ain't really quaint, So please don't Look and Stare.

We're just technologically impaired.

We've been spenden' most our Lives,

Liven' in the Hunta's Paradise,

It's hard work, And acrafise,

Liven' in a Hunta's Paradise,

You gain Food for Simba's Pride,

Liven' in a Hunta's Paradise!

You broke your neck? Thats nice

All a Part of The Hunta's Paradise!

Getten really Jumpie

Given thier Necks a Little Hugie.

Get them across the Shoulder,

Soon we'll get another!

Think your really fast?

Think your really Smart?


We know We're a million times as Geanius as Thou Art!

We're the Kinda guys The little Hunters wanna be Like!

On our Knees day and Night

Gainen' Food for Simba's Pride!

And we ain't vain, Oh we  ain't whiny!

Or else King Simba might have layen a Paw across their Hineys!

Been Spending Most Our Lives,

Liven In the Hunta's Paradise,

Its hard work and Sacrfise,

Liven' in the Hunta's Paradise!

You gain Food for Simba's Pride,

Liven'n in the Hunta's Paradise!

Don't touch that Thing (It Bites)

Or You'll leave the Hunta's Paradise!

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