Hisani 11

Hisani is a fan-made character by mackenzierae23. She first appeared in. The Lion King: Kovu's Pride.


She loves to fight, like her aunt Vitani, but she's kind like her mother. Odly she loves to use british words like, 'indeed', and 'quite'. Many of the lions believe she got that trait from Scar.


Hisani is the first born daughter of Kovu and Kiara. As a cub Hisani is very curious, and curiosity got hold of her. Hisani ventured through the Pridelands, and she accidnely ran into a rouge cub. Hisani was scared, but she didn't back down. She pinned the cub and demanded for him to tell her who he was. The rouge said, "What's it to you? But whatever my name is Kavu." Hisani got a crush on him almost instantly(Note: Kavu is a swahili name that means Sarcastic.) She soon fell in love with Kavu, and he also liked her back. Kovu let Kavu stay in the Pridelands.

She also has a sibling named Sefu.

Cool fact

She has a beauty mark on the right side of her muzzle.