Hibou is the son of Mheetu and his mate, and the oldest brother of Tiifu and the other cub. He is shown to be protective among his siblings, and would care for them as he'd like. He is jealous that Tiifu and her sibling always gets to go to the Watering Hole while he has to check on to see if Timon and Pumbaa were eating poisonous grubs. He gets made fun of at Medic Teaching by Rafiki. Kion is always out in the sun with Tiifu and the other cub. Every weekday and weekend, he always has to go to medic school, where the cubs sit down and listen to Rafiki about medicine, and how to cure and use it. Tiifu and her sibling go on a trip with Mheetu and their mother. Hibou hates medic school. They say he is special to get the-the medic school.

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