Honor, respect
Lappet-faced vulture
Hadithi Ya Hodari
Close Relations

Heshima is a male lappet-faced vulture


Massive in size, Heshima is a considerably formidable-looking bird. However, he is narrow-featured and thin, with a long, bald face and a slender neck. Several small hairs sprout from his otherwise smooth, wrinkled puce-pink head. He has round, vibrant amber eyes with light yellow sclerae. His long beak is primarily blue-gray, though it fades to yellow at the tip and has areas of dark yellow and pale cloudy blue. His feathers are, for the most part, dark brown, but his downy feathers are white and the feathers at the center of his neck are dark chocolate, almost black. He has long, sturdy legs which are coated in soft, creamy white feathers on their upper halves. 


Heshima is a bird of few words. He usually keeps to himself, though he does prefer being in the company of others to being alone. He is a scavenger, never choosing to hunt for himself, and for that reason he is especially skilled at locating the carcasses of deceased animals. Despite this, he is not very socially intelligent, though he can speak quite articulately if he wishes, and other vultures rarely turn to him for decisions when he is with them. He hopes to find a mate one day and raise fledglings with her. He is polite and respectful of others, sometimes to the point where he is easily pushed around once they can see past his size. Unfortunately, he rarely notices if he is being taken advantage of. He does his best to defend those who are being treated in a way he feels is unfair.


Early Life

Heshima hatched in the Drylands.

Hadithi Ya Hodari

"Balance "

Coming soon

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