State, condition
Cape hare
Moyo Hodari Pride
Sikiza's Drove
Close Relations
Sikiza(father) Nyea(aunt)
A Friendly Lion
Hali is an adolescent male Cape hare and a member of Sikiza's drove.


Strong and fit, Hali is a well-built hare with a wiry body and powerful legs. His rosy-colored ears are somewhat shorter and narrower than average, though very mobile. He has a well-defined muzzle and jawline, though not quite as pronounced as those of his father Sikiza's. His coat is a soft silvery gray hue, blended with a twinge of light brown. His chest and muzzle are pale tan, and his legs warm to a reddish brown color. His underbelly, and well as a blotch of fur around his nose, are white, as is the underside of his tail. His pale whiskers are rather messy, sticking in different directions. He has long, white teeth that are surprisingly sharp. His eyes are a shade of brown indistinguishable from that of Sikiza's.


Quick-witted and a fast thinker, Hali is always quick to assess a situation. He is very sharp and observant; it is often said by members of the drove he belongs to that no detail can escape him. This trait makes him very valuable to the Moyo Hodari Pride, and he is happy to share his information with them. Lions do not faze him; in this way, he is his father's opposite. He is friendly towards all animals, whether they are bigger than him or smaller. He is a very helpful member of the drove, always contributing in one way or another. He enjoys spending time with the leverets and telling them stories of his travels across the Drylands. He also likes to hang out with his best friend, a giraffe named Tanzu. He is probably the bravest member of his drove, willing to stand up for himself and what is right.


Early Life

Hali was born and raised in Sikiza's drove.

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