Frogs are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe.
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The majority of frogs are born as tadpoles and develop into frogs later in their life cycle. However, some frogs, called "direct developers", are born as fully functioning frogs. This allows them to be born away from water, in unusual habitats such as mountaintops.

With the exception of Antarctica, frogs can be found on every continent, though they are inclined to live in warmer tropical areas.They mainly live on a diet of insects and small animals, feeding on earthworms, minnows, and spiders. Natural predators of the frog include birds, fish, lizards, and snakes.


Frogs are known for their long hind legs and webbed toes, which enable them to swim. Their eyes are large and spaced widely apart, and their skin can be smooth or warty, depending on their kind. Like other amphibians, frogs have highly permeable skin through which oxygen can pass through.[1] This enables them to respire through their skin in places with little access to air.

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