Stick, cane
A Friendly Lion
Fimbo is an adolescent male lion and a member of the the Gheiri Pride.


Fimbo is a very skinny lion, his ribs clearly visible through his skin. Because of his severe thinness, his features are extremely sharp and rawboned. He has a diamond-shaped muzzle and shoulders, while his legs are quite sticklike. His face is quite long, and he has a pointed lower jaw. His ears are small and thin, the curved parts especially round. His fur is very short, with many missing patches that reveal the pink skin beneath. It is beaver brown in color, and has a distinct dullness. His muzzle and underbelly are pale almond. He has a smooth carnaby tan mane that lies flat atop his head. Two locks falls away from it to lie parallel with his face. He has bright green eyes with a slight blue tint. His nose is dark brown, and the tuft at the end of his tail is the same color as his mane.


Fimbo is a loyal and confident lion. He obeyed the pride leader, Jasho, and always did as he said. However, unlike Jasho, Fimbo does his best to be a merciful and noble fighter, allowing lions to flee if they have surrendered. Despite his devotion to Jasho and the pride, he is careful to never let any of them see him doing this, knowing that he would be closely watched afterward to make sure that he was killing those he defeated. With his friends, Fimbo is more energetic and rowdy, though he still avoids hurting anyone. He enjoys a play-fight from time to time, but often prefers peace and quiet. He enjoys sharpening his claws and can often be found with his paws against a tree trunk.

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