Ultimate is at his computer typing in a script with Belee and Kion watching.

So...whatcha writing? Kion asks and Ultimate smiles.

A Standalone fanfic that is in it's own canon Called 'The Lion King 3:The Tale of Two Siblings' Ultimate replies and Kion raises an eyebrow.

What do you mean? Kion asks.

Im making a fanfic with Belee and Denahi being the main Protagonists,you being the tritagonist and Kiara being the deuteragonist Ultimate explains and Belee grins.

So..When is it gonna be released? Kion asks.

If my calculations are correct,the first part will be released by 8 o' clock pm on the 19th of December...maybe by 12 am Ultimate replies.

Cool...I guess... Kion says.

are you upset by this?If so,don't are already a main character in both my Lion Guard and Huwezi fanfics...speaking of the lion guard fanfics,I am currently cancelling them to focus on Huwezi and TLK 3. Ultimate says and Kion nods in understandment.

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