Evil Meerkats are a species of meerkat created by Pimon and Tumbaa and they are the secondary antagonists in MarioFan65's crossover fan-fiction Timon and Pumbaa meets Pat & Stan.


When Pimon and Tumbaa steals a animal and change them into evil meerkats, they are 100 times powerful and they can dig, break, and do whatever they want to do.


Evil Meerkats have the same look as the other meerkats do from the Lion King Universe and they have red eyes, and red and black hair for other evil meerkats. They have different colors like other meerkats do from Timon's Meerkat Colony.

They also have different noses like other meerkats do from The Lion King Universe but their teeth are sharp while their poiny tails are red.


  • Their enemies are Timon, Pumbaa, Pat, Stan, and Timon's Meerkat Colony.
  • Their power level is the same as Sya Shenron from Dragon Ball GT.


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