"after all, Kugawana ni kujali"

~ Emeka's catchphras

"huntress ni hapa!"          

  ~ layla's catchphrase 

​"Uzuri wa dunia"

~ Afia's catphrase                                                                                                                                                             

Emeka, Layla and Afia

Emeka, Layla and Afia are three lion cubs whom were adopted by Zuri in "Cubs of Zuri" they are in Elizabeth's fanon and you must ask her if you wish to use them


Emeka- Emeka is the eldest of the three, and the only male. he is kind and sharing, always willing to lend a paw, worrying about his sisters when they go off to hunt. when put in a dangerous sitouation, he often opts to stay and "keep guard", so he doesn't get into the fight. he is a peacekeeper, dreaming of someday uniting the pridelands and outlands, into a land of peace.

Layla-  layla is bit more a fighter than emeka is, enjoying rough and tumble games like play fighting, or playing lion guard. she ends to ambush Emeka, enjoying watching him run in terror, thinking it was a hyena, however she normally gets in trouble from Zuri for it though. but beneath that rough fur and skin, is a heart of gold, and a young lioness cub who'll always be there for her siblings. 

Afia- Afia is more of a "beauty comes first" girl, ( wonder where she gets that from?) she doesn't like fighting much, but learns how anway, just incase of emergancies. she is often found sharpening her claws, or cleaning herself. Afia is by far the most mature of the three, despite the fact that she's the youngest. she hates her sisters antics, often getting angry at her when she tries to play fight with her. Afia has a storng bond with Fuli, as they both like to be alone, so when she isn't alone, she can be found with her "aunt" fuli.


Emeka-  Emeka bares a striking resembalance to simba, only he has a few freckels on his face

Layla- T.B.D leave a message if you have an idea

Afia-  T.B.D leave a message if you have an idea


go to cubs of zuri to find out



​Zuri - adopted mother


random facts

  • Emeka was originally going to be called Kimba
  • Afia was originally going to be called suri
  • Emeka's catchphrase means sharing is caring
  • layla's catchphrase means huntress is here
  • afia's catphrase means beauty of the world


===  stories by m​e===

cubs of zuri

stories by others 


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