Moyo Hodari Pride
Strength of Heart
A Friendly Lion
"Don't worry about it. That animal is a nervous wreck. Always has been."
Ekundu, Strength of Heart

Ekundu is a lioness and a member of the Moyo Hodari Pride.


Ekundu is a long-legged lioness with fairly sheer features. She has slightly wavy auburn fur, paler at the paws and underbelly up to the throat. Her lower jaw is even lighter. She has slightly rounded features and a small, burnt-colored nose. Aside from these attributes, she has two very distinctive features: her ice-pale eyes and the faded dark russet fur that covers her back. Her eyes are said to be as white as the stars, and are viewed as unsettling by most due to their strange milky appearance. Contrarily, the darker fur on her back is regarded as striking and perhaps beautiful by some of the pride members, though she has not yet attracted a mate.


Ekundu is a relaxed, laid-back lioness who doesn't take life very seriously. She does what is required of her and doesn't ever volunteer herself for extra work, but she is a decent hunter and a good friend to the other lions in the pride. She can occasionally be grumpy if roused from sleep, but otherwise lives a somewhat Hakuna Matata-style life. She enjoys getting to know her pride members, and is good at reading body language. She finds cubs to be very amusing, and will watch them play with her friend Darahani during her free time. She often mixes species up, such as confusing hares for rabbits or bat hawks for vultures.


Early Life

Ekundu was born into the Moyo Hodari pride. Her mother was the sister of the second king to rule the pride, and he paid special attention to her as she grew up. He taught her that everything would be fine as long as she had her pride, influencing her relaxed demeanor.

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