name meaning:none

fur color:pale gold

underbelly color:white

eye color:dark green

age:11 months(11 years in human years)


quote:"Animals come to me to let me end their poor suffering, instead of letting them die slow and painful."


Eener is a young female leopard cub that snuck into the pride lands while the lion guard was out trying to calm a zebra herd, when the guard left she hunted a zebra down and ate it leaving a few bones, the guard began to follow her when they found the bones, finally they found her and tried to drive her back out to the out lands where she didn't come from, when she told the guard she was starving to death they realized she was kind, loyal, and playful they allowed her to be a pride lander. Eener has always loved hunting and swimming, she lives in a forest with her parents and older sister in the pride lands. Eener has scars on her elbow, knee, and above her tendons from a fight with a lion.

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