This is a song sang by Gevaar to do you best .


🎵" oh , oh , oh , oh ohhh , I know that your down you fallen and hit the grown , but I want you  to at lest try to do your best , don't give up even when your life get  hard , when it comes to a point in your life that you can't seem to Handel , just do you best and forget the rest .... Oh , ohoh oh , oh , oh , oh do your best and forget the rest !! Ya , ya , yya ,ya just do you best , whoa , whoa , whoa oh , oh do your best !!  When my friend was in truoble in a hyena chase , I didn't just stand there I fought them back I risked my life for him ! Ya , ya , ya ! "

do ... You're best !!🎶🎵

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