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Meaning: Named after the deleted The Lion King character
Creator: PenelopeTheShihTzu
Species: Lion


Kovu (Father), Kiara (Mother) Several cubs (Brothers and Sisters) ||

Diiku is the daughter of Kiara and Kovu and the sister of many cubs. She was created by PenelopeTheShihTzu.

About her

Diiku is close to her adopted aunt Vitani but is way more girly than her.

She enjoys being with her siblings and grandparents, her aunts and uncles.


  • Kovu (Father)
  • Kiara (Mother)
  • Several cubs (Brothers and Sisters)
  • Kopa (Uncle)
  • Kion (Uncle)
  • Saba (Aunt)
  • Vitani (Adopted Aunt)
  • Simba (Grandfather)
  • Nala (Grandmother)


  • She is so weak, she has to be helped into carriages and carried into ditches with the help of a male cub.
  • She can't hunt, as she is an Omega.

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