Vurugu Pride
Close Relations
Katili(mother) Onevu(father) Mrithi(brother) Fuvu(brother)
A Friendly Lion
Damu is a lioness and a member of the Vurugu Pride.


Damu is a wiry and long-bodied lioness whose sleek russet coat flows over her sinewy frame with all the fluidity of a river. Her limbs are tall and narrow, perfectly aligned with each other, leading up to smooth, well-muscled shoulders and flanks. In contrast to the darkness of her predominant red-brown color, her underbelly, muzzle, and toes are all a very soft red-orange hue like rust dusted with powder. A very long tail extends from her rump, usually held curled around one of her hind paws, and ending in a large tuft of rufous. Her face is thin and elongated, with a low muzzle and a prominent stop. Set into it are her eyes, two orbs of an indeterminable reddish hue. In certain lights they are observed as a gentle damask, in others, ruby, and yet others a bloodied crimson. The latter matches best with her claws and teeth, stained from many fights. Her nose is black and slender.


Cold, cruel, and exceptionally adaptable, Damu is a formidable lioness who has found her place in the world she was born into. She does not allow herself to be close to any, remaining aloof from even her own kin. She has rigid beliefs about survival that she holds close to her heart, though it is unlikely she could release them if she so desired to. They spawned deep within her during her cubhood, the product of her mother's cruelty and her father's neglect. She is quite versatile, able to make accommodations for any situation. Her youth also brought about the deep disgust she feels towards weaker animals, and her belief that the strong should be permitted to hunt as they please.

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