Wepesi Herd
Close Relations
A Friendly Lion

Damisi is a male dik-dik and a member of the Wepesi Herd.


Tall as a dik-dik can be tall, Damisi is a hard-muscled and wiry animal. He has a rather droopy appearance to his muzzle that defies the brightness of his orange eyes and the cheerful smile he often wears. His ears are small and pointed, sticking almost straight out. His black horns are longer than average and very slightly curved. His sleek fur is pale brown, with an even lighter underbelly and small darker speckles dappling his back. He has large black hooves, a very short tail, and an arching neck.


Spirited and cheerful, Damisi enjoys making friends. He is clever and can be a bit snarky at times, but means well. Though slightly nervous in the presence of other animals, he is almost always relaxed. He trusts his herd to keep him safe, and is very loyal to his mate Mbinda. He is a good liar and will sometimes use this ability to keep animals from bothering him, though he never lies to those who fully trust him. He is very self-assured and confident, to the point of being slightly arrogant. He believes in himself and relies on his wits and instincts. He is something of an optimist, and his good humor is rarely dampened. He is slightly annoyed by young animals and prefers to avoid them.


Early Life

As a fawn, Damisi's mother was killed by a caracal. He was very young, so he doesn't remember it very well, but he had not yet reached the age at which he consumed solid food. His father brought him to a lone female, who raised him with the help of his father. He became very loyal and trusting towards the female, and she accepted him as her adopted son. Though his father left when Damisi matured, the female stayed with him. They made a home by the Mkondo River and lived together.

One day, a weak dik-dik with a missing ear stumbled upon them. This was Dhaifu, and, pitying the helpless animal, the female dik-dik took him in as well. The group worked well together, and were managing when Mbinda found them. Mbinda asked them if they would join her new herd, and after a brief discussion they accepted. Damisi found himself drawn towards Mbinda's calm, unafraid nature, and they soon settled down as mates.