Dahara with clothes

Dahara the most beautiful lioness evah


Dahara is a trickster and bloodthirsty. Being the second oldest sibling in the royal family, she is not in line to be queen. So, she decides to step on all the competition. She starts with her younger siblings, and is planning on saving Makenna for last. Dahara is quite beautiful, but that is a great trap. She plans on becoming queen, then killing her mate to leave her in charge. Dahara is very manipulative towards Julian. Being the blinded bully he is, he easily falls into Dahara's trap.


Dahara is a dark scarlet with a crimson muzzle and chest. She has a even darker scarlet stripe that goes from the top of her head to the tip of the tuft at the end of her tail. her right eye is Red but her left eye is sky blue. (note: Dahara does not actually wear that collar and earing. I just added it because she looks so much better in them.


coming soon...


Dahara normal

A really crappy drawing of Dahara when she's older


Dahara without her clothes

File:Dahara kills Nayshone.png

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