Dacey the Meerkat
Name Dacey

Of the nobility (English and French)

Southerner (Gaelic)

Species Meerkat

The Jungle Oasis (his home)

Mody and Dacey's Cave (his house)

Close Relations

Brother of Mody, and son of Monzo and Della

Dacey the Meerkat (or Dacey for a short) is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a male meerkat who is the brother of Mody, and the son of Monzo and Della. He is a member from Timon's Meerkat Colony. He is voiced by Andrew Chandler.

Appearances in Fanfictions

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Mody is a dark brown meerkat, with light brown stripes, a cream chest, and a brown patch of hair on his head.


  • His fur resembles Boss Skua's feathers who appears in the Happy Feet franchise.
  • His favorite sport is grubketball (a parody of basketball) but he dislikes grubball (a parody of dodgeball).
  • He is known to be a good digger like his brother is.
  • He lives in his cave home with Mody.
  • Like Monti, he eats a lot of fresh fruit.