Titles and Groups

Ruler of the Pridelands

The Ruler of the Pridelands is the formal title given to the monarch of the Pridelands and his or her consort.

Curent Holders of the Title

Former Holders of the Title

Prince of Pride Rock

Prince of Pride Rock is the title given to the son, son-in-law, or grandson of a sovereign.

Current Holders of the Title

Former Holders of the Title

  • King Mufasa 
  • King Scar 
  • King Simba 
  • King Ahadi
  • King Mohatu

Princess of Pride Rock

Princess of Pride Rock is the title given to the daughter, daughter-in-law, or granddaughter of s sovereign.

Curent Holders of the Title

Former Holders of the Title

  • Queen Sarabi

Great Kings of the Past

The Great Kings of the Past are the deceased rulers of the Pridelands, who look down on the living beings from the stars. 

Lion Guard

The Lion Guard is a group of animals who work together to preserve the Pridelands and defend the Circle of Life.

The Ndona Pride

The Ndona Pride is a pride of lions. They're the ancestors of the Pridelanders.


Shamans are animals who treat diseases and injuries. They also receive and interpret omens and prophecies from The Great Kings, 

  • Rafiki is the current Shaman of the Pridelands. 

Shaman Apprentice

Shaman Apprentice is the title given to the apprentice to the Shaman of the Pridelands. Most are chosen by the Great Kings at the time of their birth.

  • Nita is the current Shaman Apprentice of Pride Rock.


Majordomo is the formal title given to the chief confident and advisor to a monarch.

  • The title is currently held by Zazu.

Queen Dowager 

Queen Dowager is the title given to the widow of a king.

Current Holder of the Ttle

  • Queen Sarabi

Former Holders of the Title

  • Queen Uru
  • Queen Shari

King Father 

King Father is the title given to the father of a monarch upon his abdication.

Former Holders of the Title

  • King Ahadi



Kupatana is a highly regarded ceremony in the Pridelands. It is a time of peace where all the animals of the Pridelands gather together to celebrate the Circle of Life and those that follow it.


mashindano is a traditional competition between crocodiles for dominance over the float. 


When a loved one passes, their family and close friends sit vigil for them, sharing tongues for the last time before the body is buried.

The Elephants' Concert

The Elephants' Concert is a seasonal event that takes place in Mizimu Grove.

It is hosted by Matembo's Herd, and is attended by the members of the Royal Family.

The Royal Buffalo Wallow

The Royal Buffalo Wallow is an event that takes place in the Pridelands.

It's participates are the members of Vuruga Vuruga's Herd.

  • It is always presided over by Princess Kiara.


The presentations of future monarchs is an important ritual that always takes place the day after the cub is born.

It occurs at Pride Rock, and is attended by the Pridelanders, the inhabitants of the kingdom, the cubs' family, and the royal Shaman, Rafiki.

During the ceremony, Rafiki will anoint the cub, and raise him or her up for all of the animals to see. In turn, the animals will bow respectfully.


coronation is a ceremony marking the formal investiture of a monarch with regal power.

In order to ascend to the throne, the heir apparent must walk to the top of Pride Rock and roar over his or her kingdom. The lionesses in turn will roar back to signify their acceptance of the new monarch.

Trail to Udugu

The Trail to Udugu is a special ritual performed by royal siblings.

The cubs are taken on a journey to learn how to work together, or "find" Udugu.

Savannah Summit

The Savannah Summit is an annual event hosted by the King of the Pridelands.

It is attended by the leaders of different animal herds.


The Ukumbusho Tradition is a celebration of the peace established between the elephants and lions of the Pridelands.


Baobab Ball

Baobab Ball is a sport played by young animals in the Pridelands. It is a game played frequently by Kion, and his nephews, Kenai and Denahi.

The Roar of the Elders

The Roar of the Elders is an intensely powerful roar that is bestowed on the leader of the Lion Guard by the Great Kings of the Past. It is currently possessed by Kion, the son of Simba and Nala.

Circle of Life

The Circle of Life (also known as the Great Circle of Life) is an ideology that's held by the inhabitants of the Pridelands, among them the royal-blooded rulers of Pride Rock.

Tail Signals

Tail Signals are techniques used by the Pridelanders. 


Mate is the terminology for a partnership between animals.

Scent Markings

Scent Markings are made by animals to show where their territory's border lies. 


Borders are the boundaries separating territories.

Mark of the Guard

The Mark of the Guard is a special mark given to members of the Lion Guard. It is in the shape of a roaring lion's head. 

Rafiki's Staff

Rafiki's Staff serves as a walking stick for Rafiki. It is intended to aid him with spiritual matters. 


Simba's Patrol is responsible for patrolling the borders of the Pridelands, and keeping the animals of the kingdom safe.

Every morning, Simba will assemble his patrol and lead them into the savannah, they will patrol each border carefully, and will renew the scent markings if needed.

Hunting Party 

Nala's Hunting Party is responsible for providing the pride with prey.

Nala leads her lioness on a group hunt twice a day, in the morning, and evening, and allows the lionesses to hunt alone throughout the day. When Nala is unable to, Kiara usually takes over leadership of the hunt, along with Sarafina and Sarabi.

Diseases and Injuries 

The Pridelanders and inhabitants of the Pridelands often fall as victims to a number of diseases and injuries. It is the task of the Shaman to treat these conditions.

Fighting and Hunting Techniques

Fighting and Hunting Techniques are techniques used by the Pridelanders. 

Kion's Morning Patrol

The Morning Patrol is a duty performed by the members of the Lion Guard.

At the start of each day, Kion will lead his friends around the Pridelands, making sure that there is no danger. If there is an interruption of any sort, the Guard will usually resume their patrol after putting the situation back to rights. 

Kion's eldest nephew, Denahi will assume leadership of the patrol if Kion is unable to lead it.

Rafiki's Stories

Rafiki's Stories are tales that Rafiki tells to Simba's grandchildren and grandnieces.