Meaning: None
Creator: PenelopeTheShihTzu
Species: Lioness

Clawdia and Clawdette are characters created by PenelopeTheShihTzu.

About them

Clawdia and Clawdette are two Outsider lioness cubs. They were trained by Scar to scare Pridelanders with their 'red eyes'. They get their names from their sharp claws (3 1/2 inches long!).

Clawdia is based off of Carrie Williams from Monsters University. Clawdette is based off Britney Davis, also from Monsters University.


  • 'Clawdia' is a pun on 'Claudia'.
  • 'Clawdette' is a pun on 'Claudette'.
  • Clawdia, Clawdette and The Lion Queen characters have the same creator. This makes sense, as PenelopeTheShihTzu is good at making up puns.


  • Clawdia: We're gonna rip you to peices! (shows red eyes)

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