This lion cub belongs to Chisel's-on-the-way.


Clawd has fur as black as night. His muzzle, underside, and ear fur is gray. The top of his eye lids are a darker grey and the bottom was a lighter gray. Clawd's nose is a dark red and his eyes are all light gray since he's blind.



Clawd is a very skilled lion. He knows the outlands like the back of his paw and knows everyone that lives in it. He knows all of this and he was born bound. Well that's because all his other senses are better than normal. He is the only male lion in Zira's pack besides Nuka and Kovu. He's a fight-me-if-you-want-anything-from-me kind of lion and hates being underestimated because of his blindness. He's usually left behind to look after the lion den and make sure no other takes the food. He treats Kovu, Nuka, and Vitani like they were his siblings and they do to. Zira even said that she " loved her adopted son" and that "he reminds her of Scar ". He is very bold and loves going head on with Kion in battle.

Voice actors

Young-Christian Distefano 

Young singing-Devan Cohen

Teen-Danny Pudi

Teen singing-Gage Munroe

Adult-Jemaine Clement 

Adult singing-Jemaine Clement




Adoptive mother-Zira

Adoptive father-Shentai

Adoptive brother-Kuvo

Adoptive brother-Nuka

Adoptive sister-Vitani

Adoptive brother-Zuzo


Fears- Simba, Kudiyan's rage

Dislikes- The circle of life, The lion guard, basically anything good.

Likes- violence, evil, his adoptive family

Crush-Clawd had a huge crush on Jasiri ever since they became friends. He loved her laugh and sense of humor. But then I've day clawd visited Jasiri and she started blabbing and Kion. She said" and I might...... Actually..,...lik-" and Clawd ran away. He couldn't bear the thought of the finished sentence. He then only stuck to guarding the den, until this female lion came along. They introduced themselves to each other and spent the rest of the day with each other. To him, Yevete was a lot like Jasiri and he started to like her, but he can't just be heartbroken again He has a crush on her though.

Friends-Janja, Rei Rei, Goi Goi, Dogo, Macucha, Maku, Cheesy, Chungu, Mzingo, Yevete, Kuvo-like a brother

  • Many people don't know that he's bound, that's how good his other senses are
  • He is sneaky at night so he hunts for the outlanders at night
  • He has a crush on Jasiri until Kion came along and took her from him, now he absolutely HATES Kion
  • He is closest to Zuzo. He respects him and always follows his lead. Besides that he's super nice to him and they have a strong brotherly bond.

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