Strength of Heart
Close Relations
Azimio(mate) Ajali(son) Nurisha(daughter)
A Friendly Lion

Changarawe is a male lion and a member of the Gheiri Pride.


Tall, lean, and angular, Changarawe has the appearance of a poorly fed lion. However, though lack of prey partially contributed to this look, much of it is his natural build. His hard muscles cling tightly to his frame, which prevents him being bulky and makes him seem like a much weaker lion. He has a narrow face and a long, diamond shaped muzzle. His ears are distinctively large, and he has a short tail. His shoulders are prominent and skinny, and no amount of hard physical exertion seems to change this. His short fur is a dark, rich tawny, with light tawny muzzle and underbelly. He bears the marks of his enemies' claws and teeth all over his body. His large eyes are pale yellowish-green, identical to his son Ajali's. A splash of light grayish-brown freckles decorates the fur above each eye. His dark golden mane is short but very thick, protecting his throat well.


Changarawe is a determined lion that expected a lot of his cubs. A ruthless fighter, he ended the lives of many lions and is proud of it. He was disappointed when it became obvious that neither his son nor his daughter had inherited his bloodthirstiness. He refuses to accept this and continues to push them along the path he had followed without questioning. He ignores their objections and repeatedly insists that fighting is the best way, not considering that they might think otherwise. Whenever they shy away from the fierce life he wants them to live, he responds with cold silence and sharp comments. He believes that the life of a warrior is the only noble occupation, and that hunting is for lesser lions.


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