Audacious, brave one

Chagina is a male caracal.


Chagina is a lean, hard-muscled caracal. His fur is primarily a dark, fiery tawny, which grows darker along his back and powerful hindquarters. He has long legs with large paws, and his tail is relatively short. His face is wide and triangular, with a sloping muzzle and large, tapered, black-rimmed ears with small nicks in their membranes and long, slim tufts of black fur at their tips. On his face are two V-shaped black markings on either side of his muzzle, a black spot over each eye, and a thin black stripe running from between his ears to between his eyes. Chagina's eyes are golden-amber, rimmed in first black, then white. His nose is black, with a small scar running across it, and his underbelly and muzzle are very pale tawny, nearly white.


A dour, laconic, ill-natured caracal, Chagina dislikes everyone, especially those who attempt to converse with him. His outlook on life is to simply fight for survival independently, without any positive interaction with other animals. He takes great pleasure in hunting or feeling power over others, but is neither greedy nor cruel. He is very territorial, and those who trespass upon his territory will almost certainly regret it.

True to his name, Chagina is brave and bold. He is willing to take risks, occasionally without carefully considering the consequences. In a reserved, remote way, he considers many other animals his inferiors, though he never expresses this opinion. He does, however, frequently make sardonic remarks towards others.


Chagina was born in a scrubland in the Drylands. He left his mother and siblings when he was around a year old.

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