Cayn is a primitive black panther and a born Outlander.

He was abandoned by his father for being disobedient, but surprisingly enough, Cayn's past experiences never got to him. As his heritage doesn't allow him to return to the Pridelands, he usually roams around the near edge to see the trees.

Cayn made his first appearance in 2004, at Lionking Created by ananas.

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Background story


Angus and Cayn, from 2005.

Not much is known about his past, but it is likely that his father, Angus, is the reason for his own and his mother's exile.

While Angus seemed like a caring and playful father the first months of Cayn's life; he was waiting for the right moment to train him for "greater things". As they weren't in a pack or had any contact with the other Outlanders, it's never revealed what Angus wanted to achieve. He might've wanted to pick out his strongest, most fierce offspring and create a tribe of his own that could smite Simba's tribe and take over; which explains his many, probably abandoned, wifes and offspring. But as he'd never shared his plans with anyone or gave his opinion about his exile, it's only speculated.

Cayn was abandoned at a young age when he refused to attack a pregnant mouse at the sudden request of his father, and had to take care of himself ever since.

After Cayn was abandoned, he was given the impression Angus killed his mother, but that claim was never closed with a conclusion. Nothing is known about Cayn's mother, as Angus never talked about her, except that she was a full-blood primitive panther.


Cayn shares a few similarities with another character designed by ananas, as for Kovu, who were also raised by a parent who desired for them to be a heartless warrior. But as Cayn made clear he didn't want to cooperate, and had to raise himself, indicates he is mentally strong. Though, he also has nothing in his life he wants to protect, making it difficult for him to persuade to do anything out of the ordinary.

While he's kind, cheerful, and appears very social, he prefers to be alone.
He has a fascination for trees, since his homeland lacks them.

Cayn is 16 years old in human years.



Cayn and Kiara, from 2005.

As a "primitive panther", Cayn has black hair going from his head, over his back, covering his tail. He has brown eyes, grey fur, and long pointy ears.


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