Cape Dog

A cape dog

Cape Dogs are animals that were set to appear in The Lion King films and franchise.


Cape dogs are considerably small and long-bodied. Males can grow to be up to 75 centimeters high and 100 centimeters long, with their tails adding an extra 30-45 centimeters. Cape dogs averagely weigh 18-34 kilograms. Males are normally larger than females. Their fur is short-cropped and splashed with different shades of brown and tan.

Cape dog pups


Cape dogs are carnivorous animals that will eat a variety of mammals, from impalas to cane rats. They are highly social and live in packs. They can run at a speed of 45 miles per hour. Female cape dogs may deliver up to 21 pups, though the average number is 6-9.

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Appearances in Fanfictions

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