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Buibui is a bit crazy. She's a tasteless flirt who will do just about anything to get what she wants. She's a little vain, but has a big heart. She's always coiled like a snake and can be rather unpleasant. But she's never truly bad, and always respects others despite being a little mean. She's a little sassy, and likes to be by herself


Buibui is a dark brown lioness. She has a light Cinnamon colored muzzle, chest, and toes. Her eyes are olive green. It looks like she has eye shadow above her eyes. She has a white stripe that does from her forehead to her tail.


She was born in the pridelands under Scar's reign. In fact, he was her father. But like all female cubs, pretended she didn't exist. She didn't mind though, she was quite happy to be non-existent to him, seeing as he was such a lousy father and ruler. She was always very independent, but she had to be. Seeing as her mother didn't even want her. Buibui was just a reminder of her mistake with Scar. Buibui was always by herself, but that was her choice. She didn't even want to be included in the others games. Finally Scar was overthrown, and she celebratedid his defeat. She welcomed Simba with open arms. She still liked to be by herself though. But one day she encountered a beautiful lioness. She was mesmorized. She soon found that the lionesses name was Meli, and for the first time in her life, she was pleasent and opened up to the lioness. They soon became friends, but that quickly grew into something more.


Scar: father

Splash: mother

Meli: mate


Meli: best friends and later mates


  • She has a crush on and is later mates with Meli.
  • She highly dislikes Bunga
  • She is uncertain about having or adopting kids

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