Name Brein
Meaning Brain (Afrikaans)
Species Meerkat
Affiliation(s) Brein's meerkat clan, name of clan unknown, probably lives in the Verlig Lands
Close Relations


Brein is a six-week-old meerkat pup (pup means baby), that appears in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 4: Upelelezi's Journey (Page).


Brein is more slender and sleek than other meerkats in the TLK universe. He has caramel colored fur and brown stripes on his back, as well as unusual, brown colored ears (this was a coloring mistake). Brein is one of the few TLK meerkats to have whiskers, and the black part of his tail extends farther up his tail than most (real or TLK universe) meerkats. Also, he is more realistic than the other TLK meerkats, in that he does not have the humanoid patch of hair on his head. Brien has large eyes, and a small nose, as well as very round features.


Coming soon!

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