Adult Bluu

Bluu is the younger brother of Maka and Kelba. He is a large silver lion with pale yellow toes, inside ears, eye spots, and belly. His eyes are orange, and his mane is yellow, black, and russet. He has an Outlander's nose. He has freckles dotting his muzzle and a broken claw.


Bluu is upbeat and always looks out for friends. He keeps this trait even through times of misery.


Bluu was born during Scar's reign and had an experience similar to Maka's.

He was taken by Zira into the Outlands but was soon driven out along with his brother, Kelba.

As a Pridelander, he was hunting with his siblings when a zebra crippled his paw. He survived the accident, but broke a claw. When Kovu became king, he was once again driven out with his brother.

He and his brother started a pride of their own. Only this much is known.


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