Theultimatelifeform was sitting at his desk staring at his computer screen with Kion, Belee, and Denahi next to him.

"We're officially.. The worst creative team on the entire wiki Ultimate" Kion said.

"Can't be any worse then the logic of you getting your mark when you saved Bunga" Ul chuckled.

"Give Belee and Denahi more screen time!" Kiara exclaimed.

"Kiara.. The reason why I'm shortening the time your Cubs have is because I don't own them.. Ginny does" Ultimate said.

Belee began to cry.

"Oh No" Ultimate exclaimed.

He went over to Belee and patted her on the shoulder to comfort her.

"You have to do filming for Ginny's fanfics.. Which oddly don't take as much time to write as mine.. Despite hers being longer" Ultimate said.

"How long does it take for you to write a chapter?" Kion asked.

"I'd say about a solid 25-30 hours" Ultimate said.

Kion was so shocked he spit out the water Ultimate had given him.

"OVER A DAY!!!" He shouted.

Ultimate nodded.

"Come to think about it.. It really isn't much compared to my work on I struggled to find a story for Kopa" Ultimate said.

Kopa who was laying on the bed suddenly shouted

"Hey!, I was reading your lost Prince story online.. WHYD I DISAPPEAR?!" He shouted.

"Kopa.. The reason you disappeared is so people could get the whole "He Lives in you" thing, they have going now, Kion and Kiara didn't actually see you.. They just saw your ghost saving the day.. It pretty much told them that you live inside them and always will" Ultimate said.

Kopa scoffed before bolting out.

Ultimate suddenly received a email from Ginny.

"It's the script for her next fanfic" he said excitingly.

He read the script out loud, When he was finished Kion had a look of utter shock on his face.

"WHAT THE PRIDELANDS!!" Kion screeched.

The screen suddenly went to black.



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