Back Lands
Back Lands
Back Lands
The Lion Guard

The Back Lands are a location outside the Pride Lands.

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Physical Attributes

The Back Lands serve as one of the borders of the Pride Lands.

They are composed of fairly open spaces, with sloping terrain and several groves of trees, as well as a view of a distant mountain range. Within their borders, the Back Lands house a stretch of woodlands called Mirihi Forest.


The Lion Guard

"The Trouble With Galagos"

A feeble leopard named Badili lives in Mirihi Forest, a stretch of woodland in the Back Lands, until he is forced out by a bullying leopard named Mapigano. With no place else to go, Badili takes shelter in the Pride Lands, where he encounters the Lion Guard. The team informs him that he must return home, and with much reluctance, Badili complies.

Once back in the Back Lands, Badili is driven out once more by Mapigano. However, before he can vacate the territory, the Lion Guard steps in and forces Mapigano to leave. Mapigano submits to their authority, but the next day, he drives Badili out again. This time, the Lion Guard trains Badili to have confidence so that he can stand up for his own territory.

After training with the Lion Guard, Badili returns to the Back Lands and forces Mapigano to leave Mirihi Forest. The front works, and Mapigano leaves to stake out territory elsewhere. The Lion Guard praises Badili for his courage, and Badili thanks them for helping him fight for his turf.

"The Golden Zebra"

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