"Now, show me what you've got"

-Scar when he is trying to murder Atka

Atka (Nightclaw 6000's Character)
Guardian Spirit
Outsiders (formerly)

Pride Landers (currently)

Rogue and Loner (unofficially)
The Outsider who found mercy and good The Pridelander Guardian
The Lion King: A Tale of Two Brothers
The Lion King IV: Fading Whispers
Close Relations
Father of Kovu, former mate of Zira, grandfather of Akbar and Belle, great-grandfather of Sultan
Nightclaw 6000
Atka is a fan-made character created by Nightclaw 6000. He is the father of Kovu and the former mate of Zira. He is also the grandfather of Akbar and Belle. He is a supporting protagonist in The Lion King: A Tale of Two Brothers.


Atka is a scarred, lithe, long-legged, muscular thickest, brown-and-tan male Lion with big paws, shiny glossy fur, a sharp claw, a dark tan face; a light beige muzzle: a long, furry mane, a torn ear: long, needle-sharp, white teeth: greenish-yellowish eyes, and a tall, thick tail.


Atka is described as kindhearted and protective.

He supported respect for the Circle of Life and was good friends with Mufasa.

He believed that friends and family should help each other and that true enemies could also soon learn a lesson of to be good.

Kovu and Vitani described him as generous and happy.

Background Story

Atka seems to have a sad backstory. His entire Pride had been was consumed by The White Fury, a terrible avalanche that covered the Night Valley Pride, the Pride, many years ago. Atka was the only survivor of the sons, and therefore he was heir to the throne. In his dreams, he always has the same dream; the Night Valley Pride being formed again. The first lion he met in his life as a cub was Mufasa and they were the close and best of friends.



Mother: Crystal: Deceased, Residence Unknown

Mate: Zira (formerly): Deceased, Verified Place of No Stars member

Son: Kovu: Living (As of The Lion King IV: Dawn of a New Era)

Stepdaughter: Vitani: Living (As of The Lion King IV: Dawn of a New Era)

Granddaughters: Belle, Lavender, Marina: Alive (As of The Lion King V: The Return of Scar)

Grandsons: Akbar, Dawud, Rowanstar: Alive (As of The Lion King V: The Return of Scar)

Great-Granddaughter: Moonrise: Alive (As of The Lion King VI: The Legend Continues)

Great-Grandsons: Hawk, Foluke, Talib, Sultan: Alive (As of The Lion King VI: The Legend Continues)


  • It is noted that he looks exactly like his son Kovu and another lion Scar
  • He has been mistakenly called a Prideless Lion
  • Scar and Zira murdered him
  • He respected Nuka
  • When Scar punctured Atka, his claws hit several major organs, bleeding to death from his veins, dying from his lungs punctured, liver damaged, and heart ripped.



Atka as a cub


Atka as an adult

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