Simba: Man I'm Bord.

Kovu: Yeah.

Simba: Hey! I got a Idea! Lets go to the Drive Thru!!!

Kovu: Yeah!

(Five Hours later)

Kali: Yes? Whatdday Want?

Simba: Uhh, Yeah...I'll have a double SMALL cheeseburger. And a Deit Srawberry-No! Chocolate-No! Srawberry Milkshake. Make sure Its small-I wanna watch my Figure. And a..Uhh, Happy Meal...Or..Whats cheapest?

Kovu: It's the Happy Meal Baby King Jr.

Simba: Uhh, Maybe..What's in it?

Kali: A Hamburger with a Toy from the newest movie- The Lyen' King. The Story of President Bara-

Simba: Yeah, Yeah, My Story. I'll take one for Nala. I'll have a plain Happy Meal.

Kovu: I'll just have a Happy meal too.

Simba: Do You want a drink?

Kovu: The opisit of what You got- Diet BLOOD!

Simba: That means a cherry coke.

Kali: Sorry, But we Just closed.

Simba: When?

Kali: A Second ago.

Simba: What? Ahh, Suck this place!

Kovu: Is it illegal to say you want to-

Simba: Its some weird quote. Lets go to Burger King.

Kovu: This is the only Fast food joint.

Simba: In the Middel of Nowhere?

Kovu: Yup.

Simba: You know. That burnt cheesey bread thing Kiara does isn't so bad after all


Simba is that all Your gonna say?

Kovu: Nup

Simba: Shut Up. I'm starved.

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