The Asis Pride is a pride of lions located far away (on the right) from Timon's Colony and this is where MarioFan65's lions are held in.



  • Bakari - the king and leader of the Asis Pride.
  • Aamori - the queen who is the mate of the king Bakari.
  • Zira - a fomer member of this pride. Since she got exlied, she moved to the Outlands with all of her friends.
  • Dogo - a major domo and future king of this pride.
  • Adem - Dogo's father and a worker of making rocks to fit parts of this pride.
  • Yeshi - the queen of this pride.


  • Asis means "Sun" in African.
  • This pride makes an appearance in a fan-fiction story, The Lion King IV: Subira's Beginning.
  • The pride is not located to the Pride Lands since it is far away from Timon's colony.
  • Gamila also went to this pride to visit her dad's grandparents.


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