Aroku is a brave lion living on a cave with his friends near the Pride Rock we're he was always watching. Aroku's family died during the ambush of the hyenas his mother told him run away but doesn't want be alone so the mother brought three cubs then let them guide by monkey and then left. Aroku was a fellow lion who always do the hard job and takes care of his new family also the he became the mate of Hara who always be there for him and then he met a young cub Lara, he promised to her that he will always trust and believing in her no matter what.


Aroku ressembles the fur of Kovu and his mane color is dark brown.He has scratch beside at his face and had a small bite mark below at chest.


He was always a brave lion and protecting his family from his enemies. He always a joyful lion along with his best friends Kildo, Hara and Jara. They always been together, they sometimes want to spar that who is the strongest of them all.

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