Antelope are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe .


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In the Real World

The anatomy of an antelope strongly resembles that of a deer. Its body is small and slender, its neck slight, and its legs long and muscular. There are several differences that set individual species of antelope apart from one another. Antelope have a wide variety of outer coverings, though most species have thick pelts of short fur. Their teeth are exceptionally strong, used primarily for grinding cud into a more digestible substance, while their head features sometimes consist of antlers or horns, which are commonly used for self-defense. Most antelope species live on the African savanna, though some are known to reside in deserts, forests, and even extreme cold-living places.

Although they are often killed in the wild, antelope do have a few weapons of defense that keep them out of harm's way. For one, they are very agile and have good endurance, which is very effective when running from animals that tire easily, such as cheetahs. 

Appearances in Fanfiction

A list of fanfictions in which antelope appear that are on this wiki. If your fanfiction includes antelope, add it to this list.


  • The plural form of antelope can be either "antelope" or "antelopes."
    • While Mufasa refers to them as "antelope" in The Lion King, Simba refers to them as "antelopes" in Vulture Shock.

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