Angus, 2005.

Angus is a half-blood primitive black panther and Cayn's father.

He abandoned his son as a cub for being disobedient. He appears to have had many other partners and children, but it's unknown what happened to them.

Angus made his first appearance in 2005, at Lionking He's only made two appearances so far.
Created by ananas.

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Background story


Angus and Cayn, from 2005.

Not much is known about his past, but it is likely that he caused his own exile, as for Cayn's mother's exile.

While he seemed like a caring and playful father the first months of Cayn's life; he was waiting for the right moment to train him for "greater things". As they weren't in a pack or had any contact with the other Outlanders, it's not sure what Angus' wanted to achieve. He might've wanted to pick out his strongest, most fierce offspring and create a tribe of his own that could smite Simba's tribe and take over; which explains his many, probably abandoned, wifes and offspring. But as he'd never shared his plans with anyone or gave his opinion about his exile, it's only speculated.

While he's always treated Cayn with kindness, Angus was curious to know if he "respected" him and willing to do his bidding. He abandoned Cayn when he refused to attack a pregnant mouse at his request.

After Cayn was abandoned, he was given the impression Angus killed his mother, but that claim was never closed with a conclusion.


Angus is a man on a quest, and is ready to harm those closest to him to reach his goal.

He's often wearing a mask to make others believe he's honest and good, but at the same time, he doesn't hesitate to show his true face whenever he doesn't get his way.


Angus is a mix between a primitive panther and presumably a lion. As so, he only has a tuft of black hair on his head and the end of his tail, while the manes of primitive panthers cover their entire back and tails. Neither is it possible for them to have a different colour of muzzle and toes.

Angus has relatively small, pointy ears and green eyes.

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