Name Ander
Meaning Different (Afrikaans)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Outlanders (formerly), Pridelanders (currently)
Close Relations


Ander is a former Outlander[1], and a minor character in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page)Whether she will be included in Upelelezi's Journey is to be revealed, but this is highly unlikely.

Note: If you want to use my character or change their picture, please ask me first.


Ander is strongly loyal to her family and to her pride, standing up to both Ubaguzi and Simba when they disrespect Kiara, and talking back to Ubaguzi when she tells her that the former Outlanders have "bad blood." Ander angrily informs her that they (the ex-Outlanders) have the same blood as she (Ubaguzi) does. They might dislike each other for this reason, but they also fought with each other (as seen below) during the war, and this would certainly contribute to their bad relationship.


Ander is a brown lioness with a warm, caramel-brown underbelly. She has the heavy build of a Pridelander, but the angular nose of an Outlander. Her eyes are orange in color, and she has dull-pink inner ears. Ander's eye-rings are an unusual blood red, and she has no ear-rims. 

It is revealed in her cubhood picture that Ander has Outlander claws, a rich, red tail-tuft (the same color as many of her other features) as well as gray paw pads.

Ander does appear in TLK2 (during the war), but it is difficult to spot her (though she can be seen in the pictures below).