An Alpha is a lion or lioness that is trained to hunt, track, and fight in a regular basis. If the lion/lioness is skilled at leaping or facing off hyenas in a practice, they are put in Alpha School.

The teacher of Alpha School is called the Alpha Leader.

Alpha School

Starting Alpha School can range from starting as a cub to starting as an adolescent. Simba, Nala, Chumvi, Kula, Tojo and Tama were trained by the same Alpha Leader, but it was cut short because of Scar's Reign.

After Scar's Reign, Alpha School was once again open.

Alpha Skills

  • Leaping
  • Facing off Hyenas (Bad ones, good ones in the practice)
  • Extreme Gymnastics
  • Beating up honeybadgers
  • Hiding in the grass
  • Hiding in trees
  • Killing crows
  • Attacking vultures
  • Facing off bad Jackals (including Reirei, Goigoi and their sons)

List of Alphas

See Also

  • Omegas
  • Betas

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