Aina is a beautiful lion cub. She is 12 Lion Years Old and is a resident in the Pridelands. Her name means "Kind" in Swahili.


Aina is a very kind and shy lion cub. She is very quiet and doesn't speak unless spoken to most of the time. She is very artistic and enjoys painting with fruit juice to pass the time. However, her shyness makes her unable to partake in learning how to hunt like the rest of the cubs. Therefore, she is unsure of her place in the Pride. The reason she's quiet is because of her secret. Despite being a lion, she's always hated meat. She doesn't know why, but whenever she's eaten meat, she's always felt extremely disgusted doing so. She's afraid that if she talks to much and accidentally lets her secret slip, she will be ridiculed by the other cubs in the Pride. Therefore, she keeps to herself, very careful to not let a word slip out.


Aina has a coat color similar to Nala's and Zuri's. She has dark green eyes and a pink nose. She has long eyelashes accompanying her eyes.


She was born to a lioness named Maua and a lion named Ukweli. She was born an only cub. Shortly after her birth, her father was shot and killed by poachers, leaving her mother to care for her alone. She grew up given as much love and attention as her mother could give, and has so far had a good life. She has a friend, a zebra named Lakhula whom she grew up alongside of. She is currently living a happy life in the Pridelands, hoping for a wonderful furture.