"I can feel it. This is a beginning of a great new era for all of us under the stars."

-Ahadi foresees a great future for the Pride Lands.

Ahadi (Nightclaw 6000's Character)
The Pride Lands Monarchy, Pride Landers, Simba's Pride
King of Pride Rock, Great King of the Past
The Lion King: A Tale of Two Brothers, The Lion King V: The Return of Scar
The Lion King, The Lion King II: Tanabi's Legend, The Lion King III: The Rogue Pride, The Lion King IV, The Lion King V: Timon's Voyage, The Lion King VI: A New World
Close Relations
Son of Mohatu and Marlina, Mate of Uru, Father of Mufasa and Taka (Scar), Grandfather of Nuka, Vitani, Simba, Father-in-law of Zira and Sarabi, Great-Grandfather of Kopa, Kion, Tanabi, and Kiara
Nightclaw 6000
Ahadi is an adult male Lion, a former King of Pride Rock, and the father of Mufasa and Taka (Scar).

It is suggested that after the birth of his sons, Ahadi showed strong favoritism for the eldest, Mufasa, due to his dutiful and responsible nature. This alienated Ahadi from his younger son, Taka (Scar), who grew to resent his father and eldest brother.

During a drought, Ahadi looked after the kingdom while his mate, Uru, searched for Atka. He encountered a wandering baboon named Rafiki, whom he offered shelter to after learning of the simian's mission to collect knowledge. Shortly after this encounter, Ahadi struggled to manage the complaints of the Pride Lands, who suffered from many diseases and was forced to break a promise to Taka (Scar) in order to handle the Kingdom's Problems.

Driven by Jealousy, Taka (Scar) incited a plan to make Mufasa look ugly in front of Ahadi, but the plan backfired, as a crocodile attacked Taka (Scar) instead. Ahadi arrived and ensured his son was healed, and the party returned to Pride Rock. There, Ahadi appointed Zuzu the hornbill as his majordomo and Rafiki to be his adviser.


Early Life

"Sit, Akbar. Let me tell you a tale of a King, a Prince, and a Great Enemy."

-Rafiki tells Ahadi's Story

Ahadi is the fifth known King of the Pride Lands and the second to be formally named. Though his succcession right is unknown, it's highly known that he was the son the son of Mohatu, the great-grandson of The First King of the Pridelands.

Throughout Taka (Scar's) childhood, Ahadi favored Mufasa, choosing him to be King over his younger brother. Despite Taka (Scar's) clear hostility toward Mufasa, Ahadi failed to notice how estranged his sons were.

Sometime during Ahadi's Reign, when his sons were in their adolescence, a drought struck the Pride Lands. While Uru set out to search for Atka and a new source of water, Ahadi stayed behind to tend the Kingdom and keep an eye on his two sons.

The Lion King (1994 film)

"Simba, let me tell you something that my father told me..."

-Mufasa to Simba

Mufasa is teaching Simba about The Great Kings of The Past, he mentions his father, who had once told him the same superstition. It known that Mohatu relayed the stories to Ahadi.

The Lion King: A Tale of Two Brothers

"It would be so much easier if I could learn of the little problems before they become big ones."

-Ahadi to Rafiki

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