Ugh...where am I?

It looked like the pridelands, but something The trees were all burned and skeletons were everywhere...this was not pleasant..AT ALL. As I walked around, I noticed several lionesses lying dead or injured on the ground, causing me to quicken my pace towards pride rock, which I noticed was on fire...oh god, is this the first film?

I looked around and realized...this reminded me of my unfinished story ‘The Midnight In Me’ actually did, but I won’t find out why until I head to pride rock.

I ran over to pride rock and saw a wounded Nala at the bottom, causing me to head over to her.

‘’Nala!’’ I shouted to the queen of the pridelands, who looked up at me with a tired and hurt expression.

‘’Simba..they killed Simba!’’ Nala cried, ‘’And they’re trying to get Kiara!’’

My eyes widened as I ran up the rock, trying to find out WHO and WHAT did all of this. I kept running up the rock before I saw Vitani trying to..stop Nuka from heading up the rock? I leaped up to tackle Nuka as everything went white.


I shot awake with several breaths and sweat coming down my face...great, a a time like this...what a coincidence.

As I looked around, I noticed Kiara sleeping with Simba and Nala at the center of the den..on a rock..geez, this monarchy is very much in love with rocks, aren’t they? They live in a rock, they sit on a rock, they bark orders on a rock etc.

Regardless, I smiled at the fact it was just a dream and wasn’t real because if it was real, I might as well go back to earth right now..speaking of which. I ran outside and went to a hill literally in the middle of the funny.  However, when I got there, I sighed and looked up..stars everywhere.

‘’Awake so early?’’ I hear a voice ask and I smile.

‘’I personally don’t really care what time I wake up at, Nala.’’ I said to the queen as she came over and sat by me, me being dwarfed in size ( as I was only slightly taller than Kiara) by the lioness, who chuckled.

‘’At least you’re honest about it.’’ Nala said while smiling, but suddenly having a concerned face, ‘’Is something wrong?’’

‘’Nothing is wrong, Nala, I assure you.’’ I told her, but slowly sighed, ‘’Okay, it was a nightmare.’’

‘’About what?’’ Nala asked and I looked into the distance.

‘’Fire all over pride rock...dead lionesses everywhere...skeletons and burnt trees...essentially about everything.’’ I said and the queen gasped, ‘’I don’t know what it specifically is, but I think it’s showing me what will happen if Scar isn’t stopped. The Outsiders might invade and take over the pridelands, killing Simba and leaving the rest of the pride either dead or wounded except for Kiara, who would be hunted by the outsiders.’’

As Nala looked down, clearly taking all of it in, I smiled.

‘’But i’ll make sure that this pride survives, no matter what.’’ I said, ‘’The bloodthirstiness of Scar and The Outsiders is only matched by the spirit of our pride.’’

‘’You talk like you knew of our lands before you got here.’’ Nala said with a smile, but her smile faded when I didn’t respond, ‘’.....You did?’’

‘’I’m an alien.’’

‘’Heheh, yeah, you’re a-..what?’’ Nala asked with a blink.

‘’I’m not actually a lion, Nala.’’ I replied, ‘’I’m a human!’’

‘’...So you’re an alien in a lion body?’’ Nala asked and I nodded, ‘’That explains why Kiara is always so curious about you.’’

‘’Kiara already knows, ‘’I said, raising my paw as Nala was about to speak, ‘’But I didn’t want to tell everyone else because I felt it would only raise suspicion.’’

‘’Makes sense.’’ Nala said in understanding, ‘’If everyone knew you were from another world, then there’s no doubt that they’d be suspicious of you.’’

‘’Which is why I want as little people knowing about it as I possibly can.’’ I told her, ‘’Promise me you won’t tell anyone, Nala.’’

‘’...I promise.’’ Nala said, nodding and smiling, to my relief.

‘’Good.’’ I said as Nala walked off, only for an old lion that looked like he was a ghost appeared in front of me.

Good morning, Connor.

Realizing who the ghost was, I cleared my throat.

‘’Mohatu.’’ I said, ‘’I did not expect for you to actually show yourself.’’

I can’t keep myself hidden forever, my friend. These are dire times for the pridelands.

‘’Really? I never knew.’’ I said sarcastically, but sighed, ‘’I understand things are dire, but what am I supposed to do about it?’’

You must help them defeat Scar..the fighting will be fierce and Scar will mostly likely have to be put down for good if needed.

‘’But will killing him actually solve anything?’’ I asked Mohatu, who frowned, ‘’Killing him will only fuel Zira’s desire to destroy the pride.’’

You must explore any and all options to defeat your enemies, even killing.

‘’Again, what the hell will that do for the pride?’’ I barked, ‘’Killing him will only make things worse!’’

There is no choice, Connor…

I looked down...and realized...he was right. No matter what happens, Scar would come back time and time again like the hyenas if we spare him..I don’t have a choice.

‘’...Fine.’’ I said, ‘’Fine, we’ll kill him...god, i’ll hate this.’’

Glad to see that you see reason in this.

‘’I  see reason in what you say, but I won’t like doing it,’’ I said, ‘’It will only make things worse, but I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.’’

As I looked back at pride rock, I sighed as I realized...we had to kill him. The safety of the pride leaves us with little choice but to take Scar’s life in order to save the pride lands...but everything will not be the same when he does die.

This is gonna suck.

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